Welcome to The Welcome Basket of Williamsburg! We spread kindness throughout the Williamsburg area with the help of our local businesses and restaurants. Visit the tabs located at the top of our page in order to find more information about our Sponsors, Local Events and more!


New Home Buyer

Purchasing a new home is such an exciting time, but it can also make life feel a little bit more busier than usual. We focus on taking out the stress of relocating by providing beautiful, welcoming baskets to new home buyers in the Williamsburg area. We work with the most dependable and recommended local Business and Restaurant Sponsors to give you a heartwarming basket filled with items created just for you! We know you will love our community as much as we do!

Local Business or Restaurant

We offer local businesses and restaurants various package options to fit their advertising needs! We pack and deliver welcoming baskets to the Williamsburg area (James City County, City of Williamsburg and Upper York County). If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please click our “BE THE WELCOME” tab and we will happily contact you with more information! Our business is here to support your local business as we work to spread kindness to our new neighbors! We hope you join us and #bepartofthewelcome!